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If you’re looking for information about GMC trucks Australia, get in touch. We are an independent provider of New and Pre-owned GMC Trucks in Australia. Trusted by many customers spanning back to 1994. Find out how we can help you drive your dream.

In addition to our friendly Sales Team, we have dealers across Australia. Of course our head office team are always here to assist.


GMC Trucks Australia Models

1500 GMC Sierra model page.

2500 GMC Sierra model page.

3500 GMC Sierra model page.


How we can help

As a result of our long-term heritage and vast American truck experience, we can help with:

  • Vehicle Sales. We carry a range of new and used GMC trucks in stock. Additionally we can supply special build vehicles to order.
  • Parts. Equally important to having a well built and Australian engineered vehicle is the availability of parts. We carry an extensive range of replacement mechanical, body parts and electronics that can be shipped nationwide to your door.
  • Accessories, on the whole these trucks come with most things as standard. However everyone likes to customize their vehicle to their tastes or needs. We have a huge range of add-ons available in stock.
  • Service. Our Melbourne head office has a fully equipped workshop along with a network of National workshops to service you while travelling.
  • Technical support. Our friendly service team is available to assist our customers for the lifetime of their ownership, free of charge.
  • Become a dealer. We handle a wide range of American vehicles. Including Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford and Cadillac all in Right Hand Drive.

For further information, get in touch. Additionally you can view our head office website at American Vehicle Sales

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