ake a look inside the new GMC Sierra 2500. You’ll see clearly why this is the new standard in truck interiors. Sierra’s interior brings comfort, refinement, and convenience to a whole new level.

Providing you with a choice of two interior trims, the SLT and the high spec Denali (see below for details). The GMC Sierra 2500 has a cabin that is engineered to provide you and your passengers with a noticeably quiet interior, driver-centric design and quality appointments that make the new Sierra 2500HD a cut above other trucks.

Nearly two-thirds of the Sierra cab structure is made from high-strength steels. It’s a fortress of strength that contributes to the Sierra’s quiet cabin. A solid foundation of high-strength steel in our fully-boxed frame rails and major frame cross-members, the Sierra 2500HD is clearly a respected leader in the truck market.

Sierra 2500 Powertrain

The GMC Sierra pushes modern diesel performance to a new level. A 440hp 1,250Nm 6.6ltr V8 Duramax diesel resides under the hood with the sculpted intake scoop that draws the massive amount of cold fresh air this engine breathes while it hauls down the road.

Coupled with the durable and dependable Allison automatic transmission which includes an automatic gear down feature to assist with braking or old a speed while coasting down a hill. This truck can control the heaviest of loads.

2500 SERIES Braking

Equally important to the power plant is the vehicles ability to control the load safely. In order to do this, the Sierra uses a 4 wheel disc brake system. This system comes standard with both Anti-lock system and Stability control. These features combine to provide both a confident and stable base to ensure comfort and safety. Equally important is the factory standard Diesel Exhaust Brake. Again, a feature installed to add to towing safety and control. Together with the automatic gear down feature, the exhaust brake closes off the turbo to act as an exhaust brake. When in action this will help slow the vehicle without requiring braking effort.

GMC Sierra Chassis and Suspension

The GMC is built on a foundation of a fully boxed, high strength steel chassis. These trucks are built to last a long time. Accordingly the suspension in the GMC provides a luxurious ride with the independent front system. As a result, the GMC could be regarded as the nicest riding trucks in the business today.

Payload and capacities

The these vehicles are built to work, as can be seen in their impressive ratings. Available in a wide variety of configurations they boast conventional tow ratings of 4,500kg and 5th wheel ratings of up to a massive 7,800kg. As a result of the wide variety of options, its best to contact our sales team for specific capacities.

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